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- A Taiwanese Fusion Eatery -

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The Taste

of Home

Taiwanese street food is not just a staple in the culture of Taiwan, it is its own tourist attraction for visitors all over the world.  One such delicacy is the GUA BAO, or most commonly known as the Taiwanese pork burger.  TIGER BITES specializes in bringing the taste of Taiwan to the Seattle shore, by incorporating different flavors into the BAO to make our own versions, it is Asian fusion fare at its best.


Tiger Bites

Located in the Overlake district of Bellevue, WA, TIGER BITES strives to bring quality food and service to its community.  Started by a small group of people sharing the same vision with different personal styles, it is the ideal fusion of Eastern and Western culture. 


To any and all patrons, familiar or not to the taste of Taiwan, TIGER BITES welcomes you to the experience.

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