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about Tiger Bites
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Tiger Bites is a fast casual restaurant that offer Taiwanese fusion cuisine, featuring "Bao", also called "Tiger Bites Pig" due to the mouth-like form of the bun and the contents of the filling. We import tea leaf from the high mountains of Taiwan to bring our customer the most ethnic and best- quality flavors of bubble tea! We also offers a variety of small plates & desserts for snacks or a light meal. 

In order to offer the best tasting food for our customer, the food and drink we sell meets the highest standards of quality, freshness and combines both modern-creative and traditional Asian cooking.


Our goal is to bring colorful and flavorful food to the customer's table.  There's no limit to creativity and we will continue to serve fresh, exciting and delicious Taiwanese cuisine to you.



BAO - 

We offers a variety of BAO fillings other than the traditional pork belly such as cod, chicken, marinated sliced beef and tofu!


All of our rice bowls come with a protein of your choice and veggies and a soy braised egg for a balanced and satisfying meal.  Substitute rice with mixed greens for a healthier but just as tasty option.


Our small plates consists of the most popular and well-known Taiwanese street foods, with many mouth-watering options such as the internationally famous popcorn chicken and the classic braised pork over rice.  What's more, the Tiger Fries is our signature dish and a creation of deliciousness! 


We have traditional Taiwanese desserts like shaved ice and grass jelly with special handmade taro and sweet potato balls


Our carefully curated bubble tea menu is made with specially imported tea from the tea fields of Taiwan.  Or if you're looking for some non-caffeinated options, try the crowd favorite: Brown Sugar Milk Boba (yes, the brown sugar is handmade in-store!)

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